Date Monday February 08, 2016
Crime Prevention
Reported Crime in Kingston
Stay alert and stay informed.

Crime mapping Feedback:
Based on user feedback, we will further enhance the crime mapping tool. Our interactive crime mapping tool will provide you with better information as to what is happening in your neighbourhood.

Note: Information on Sex Offenders is not displayed, as the National Sex Offender Registry is not made public. For more information, please check Sex Offender Information Registration Act.

The Kingston Police previously published online weekly and monthly crime reports. Since October 2008, when the organization introduced its new crime mapping tool, "Kingston Crime", the weekly and monthly reports have been discontinued.

Kingston Crime provides you with our calls for service statistics in a geographical and interactive format. By clicking on the "View Crime Incident Data" link at the bottom of the Kingston Crime page, you will be provided with the same information in a list/table format for easy access and review.